Keywords = depression
1. The Mediating Role of Pleasant Activities in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Depressed Adolescents

Volume 13, Issue 1, Spring 2019, Page 33-39

Behnaz Ertezaee; Karim Asghari; Hamidreza Oreizi; Nezamaddin Ghasemi

4. Behavioral Parent Training and Psychological Problems in Mothers of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Volume 12, Issue 1, Spring 2018, Page 42-47

Soraya Gheydari; Mohsen Amiri; Masoud Hejazi; Farahnaz Farjamfar

5. Depression, Anxiety and Quality of Life of Mothers in the Early Postpartum Period

Volume 11, Issue 4, Winter 2018, Page 152-159

Gulseren Daglar; Dilek Bilgic; Semiha Aydın Özkan

6. The Role of Mindfulness and Emotional Regulation in Predicting Depression and Anxiety in University Students

Volume 11, Issue 3, Autumn 2017, Page 101-106

Mahdiyeh Shafiee-Tabar; Soghra Akbari-Chermahini

9. Explanation of Depression Level Based On Lifestyle through the Mediation of Social Health and Quality Life

Volume 10, Issue 3, Autumn 2016, Page 145-150

Hussien Skandari; Abdolamir Gatezadeh

10. The effectiveness of psychodrama on reducing depression among multiple sclerosis patients

Volume 9, Issue 4, Winter 2016, Page 32-35

Saeed Dehnavi; Seyed-Farnaz Hashemi; Ali Zadeh-Mohammadi

11. The role of metacognitive beliefs in depression: Mediating role of rumination

Volume 9, Issue 4, Winter 2016, Page 13-18

Arezoo Lashkary; Rogayeh Karimi-Shahabi; Touraj Hashemi

12. The study of mental health status among staffs

Volume 9, Issue 3, Autumn 2015, Page 196-200

Esfandiar Azad-Marzabadi; Mohammad Gholami; Fahimeh Ghahvehhchi-Hosseini

18. Forecasting of girls’ depression symptoms from mothers’ attachment style

Volume 6, Issue 4, Winter 2013, Page 339-345

Mohammad-Hossien Bahadori

22. Life satisfaction and mental health in depressed patients’ families

Volume 4, Issue 3, Autumn 2010, Page 177-182

Toubaei Sh.