Examination of a Causal Model of Relationship Beliefs and Sexual Satisfaction with the Mediating Role of Marital Conflicts


Bahonar University of Kerman


The goal of the present study was to determine the relationship between relationship beliefs and sexual satisfaction with the mediating role of marital conflicts. The population included all couples from Kerman (a city in south-eastern Iran with a population of about 800000). A sample of 200 (100 men and 100 women) was selected from the considered population through convenience sampling method. The data was collected through Sexual Satisfaction Index (SSI), Relationship Behavior Index (RBI), and Marital Conflicts Questionnaire. To analyze data, structural regression was used as one of the Structural Equation Modeling (SEM). The results showed that relationship beliefs can significantly predict marital conflicts. Sexual satisfaction in couples who had negative beliefs was lower. More marital conflicts caused less sexual satisfaction and it played a mediating role between relationship beliefs and sexual satisfaction. It seems that paying attention to the cognitive aspects of the marital conflicts i.e. the relationship beliefs can promote and improve couple’s sexual satisfaction.