Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 1, May 2016 (53) 
Emotion regulation therapy for generalized anxiety disorder comorbid with Major Depressive Disorder: A case study

Pages 12-17

Zahra Taherifar; Sima Frdowsi; Fereshteh Mootabi; Mazaheri Mohammad-Ali; Ladan Fata

Positive psychology from Islamic perspective

Pages 29-34

Mohammad Khodayarifard; Bagher Ghobari-Bonab; Saeed Akbari-Zardkhaneh; Saeid Zandi

Relationships between attachment to God and marital satisfaction, and mental health in parents of children with special needs

Pages 35-39

Hossein Keshavarz; Mehdi Sheikh; Zahra Jahanbakhshi; Azam Karimian; Fahimeh Ghahvehchi-Hosseini

Effectiveness of Cardiovascular disease Specific Psychotherapy [CSP] on the stress, anxiety and depression of heart disease patients

Pages 40-44

Reza Soltani Shal; Hamidreza Aghamohammadian-Sharbaf; Mohammad-Saied Abdekhodaie; Mohammad Tayebi