The effect of behavioral parent training on improving the mental health of mothers with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder children and decreasing their children\'s externalizing behavior


Introduction: The purpose of the current study was to investigate the effects of behavioral parent training methods for the mothers of children with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD) in improving the mental health of these mothers and reducing the externalizing behavior symptoms of their children.Method: The research method was quasi-experimental with a pre-test and post-test design and a control group. To do so, 24 mothers of children with ADHD were selected using at-hand sampling and were divided into control and experimental groups. Both groups filled out the general health scale, children behavior checklist, and Conners’ parents rating scale for ADHD. In the next step, the behavioral parent training methods were implemented in the experimental group in 9 ninety-minute sessions while the mothers in the control group went under their normal procedures. At the end of the instructional session, both groups filled out the mentioned questioners as the post-test. Covariance analysis was used for analyzing data.Result: The results of the analysis of the covariance showed that behavioral parent training methods improved the mental health scores in mothers in the experimental group in comparison with the control group. Also it can be said that the aggression and rule breaking scores decreased among children.Conclusion: The results totally showed that the behavioral training of mothers improves their mental health and also the behavior problems in their children suffering from ADHD.