The role of personality traits and resiliency in prediction of nurses\' psychological well-being


Introduction: Psychological well-being has always attracted psychologists' attention, especially in occupational and scientific environments. Nursing is an important and stressful job that has serious physical and psychological consequences. Due to the sensitivity of the matter, Present research tries to make a prediction about nurses' psychological well-being based on personality traits (NEO) and resiliency.Method: The present research was in descriptive and correlation style. The statistical universe consisted of all nurses of private sector of Hamedan from them, 160 people were selected as sample population through cluster sampling. To collect the data, big five personality factors of Costa and McCrae (NEO), Connor and Davidson's resiliency inventory (CD-RISC), Ryff's Scales of Psychological Well-Being (SPWB) were used and then the data was analyzed using SPSS 18 according to Pearson's correlation coefficient, multivariate regression.Results: Analysis of research data showed that personality traits are able to predict psychological components of well-being to a significant degree (R2 = 37) and high resiliency also predicts higher psychological well-being (β = 41).Conclusion: Considering that personality traits and high resiliency are able to predict psychological well-being, we should try to develop high resiliency as well as positive personality traits in individuals, or identify susceptible individuals to improve their psychological well-being by means of educational approaches. Keywords: Personality Traits, Resiliency, Psychological Well-Being, Nurse