Evaluation of impact of symptoms of obsession and social physical anxiety on tendency to cosmetic surgery by mediation of negative body image and neurotic defense mechanisms - The Structural Equation Modeling (SEM)


1 Instructor, Department of Psychology, Ardakan University, Ardakan, Iran

2 Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Tabriz, Tabriz, Iran


The aim of this study was to examine the mediation effect of negative body image and neurotic defense mechanisms in the relationship of symptoms of obsession and social physical anxiety with tendency to cosmetic surgery. It' method was causal-correlation descriptive. Samples (200 persons (40 males and 160 females)) were selected with available sampling method among applicants of cosmetic surgery in Yazd. The research instruments were questionnaires such as Yale- Brown Obsessive Compulsive Scale (Y-BOCS), Social Physique Anxiety Scale (SPAS), negative beliefs about appearance, defensive style and scale of acceptance to cosmetic surgery. Analysis method was structural equation modeling (ESM). Results showed that symptoms of Obsession, social physical anxiety, negative body image and neurotic defense mechanisms were related to the tendency to cosmetic surgery; so that, symptoms of obsession indirectly and through negative body image was related to tendency to cosmetic surgery; Also social physical anxiety indirectly and through negative body image and neurotic defense mechanisms was related to tendency to cosmetic surgery. Conceptual model based on structural equation model was fitted in research and comparative fit index (CFI): 0/88, increasing (IFI): 0/88, normed (NFI): 0/80 and the square root of the variance of the error of approximation (RMSEA): 0/07, showed that conceptual model, was fitted favorable.


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