Comparing the Effectiveness of Olson Circumplex Model and Walsh Integrated Approach on Marital Resilience and Conflicts of Couple


1 PhD of counseling, Department of Counseling, Science and Research branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran.

2 Professor of counseling, Kharazmi University, Tehran, Iran.


The present study was conducted aiming at comparing the effectiveness of Olson Circumplex Model and Walsh Integrated Approach on marital resiliency and conflicts of couple. In this experimental procedure, from among all the couples who had referred to the counseling offices in district 3 of Tehran city in 2014 due to marital conflicts, 30 coupes eligible for the conditions intended by researcher were selected as samples through random replacement sampling method and were randomly placed in three groups, namely two test groups and one witness group. Then, both test groups were influenced by independent variables(Olson model and Walsh approach)within 8 sessions each for 90-120 minutes. Instruments used in this study included resilience scale(CD-RISC)and Marital Conflicts Questionnaire (MCQ)which were used within three stages, namely pretest, posttest and 3-month follow-up. Finally, the collected data was analyzed by using variance analysis test with repeated measurement. Results indicated a significant difference between average marks of test and control groups in marital resilience and conflicts as compared to control group; i.e., training of Olson Circumplex Model and Walsh Integrated Approach increased marital resilience and decreased marital conflicts between the couple and this is a durable effect over time. No significant difference was found in resilience between the two groups in comparing the effectiveness of two approaches which means that both studied methods had almost the same therapeutic effect on the couple's resilience. But a significant different difference was found between the two groups in marital conflicts. Averages showed that Olson Circumplex Model enjoyed a higher effectiveness in reducing marital conflicts between the couples as compared to Walsh Integrated Approach.


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