An explanation of the patients and nurses perception on the concept of emergency caring


Faculty of Nursing, Baqiyatallah University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran


Introduction: There is a difference between the expectations of patients and the actual care that they receive by nurses. Since the patients of emergency departments require immediate treatment and caring, understanding their expectations is necessary in order to provide high quality care. This study has been performed to clarify the nurses and patients’ perception on the concept of emergency caring.Method: This qualitative approach study was performed with a content analysis method. During a six month period 25 nurses and patients in emergency departments werer selected with a purposeful sampling method in two teaching hospitals in Tehran. Also, the deep semi structured interview data were collected and concurrent analyzed by using a conventional qualitative content analysis method.Results: Constant comparative analysis of data showed that the final theme of the patients and nurses perception of care in emergency departments had divergence meanings. This theme was formed in two categories. Patients’ needs and the routine tasks of nurses. Patient’s needs included quick pain relief caused by disease, privacy and respect and quick determination of the status of hospitalization. The perception of nurses included performing tasks accurately, rapidly and comprehensively.Conclusion: As a conclusion, it is said that emergency care means the views of patients based on their needs and their acute situation. Nurses perceptions from care based on their understanding of the circumstances and experience. These findings show that there is a deep meaning divergence between the patients and nurses perception of emergency care. To reduce tensions and improve the quality of care, nurses and managers should pay attention to solving these challenges.