The effectiveness of group communication skill training on the adjustment and empathy of students


University of Gilan


Introduction: Children and adolescents need some skills and instructions so that they can cope with life tensions and preserve their psychological health. Educating communication skills can make children ready for overcoming these tensions. The purpose of this study is to survey the effects of teaching communication skills on the adjustment and empathy of girl students at elementary schools.Method: The present study is a semi-experimental research including all fourth and fifth grade girl students of the Roudbar City, Guilan province at 1392-93 curriculums. Among the 126 students, 30 of them were selected and randomly divided into two experimental and controlled groups at the screening level and based on getting necessary scores in two Sinha and Sing Questionnaire and Beriant’s empathy Questionnaire.Results: The results of one variable covariance analysis of data showed that training communication skills is significantly effective on the adjustment of all students. The results of the multi variable covariance analysis of adjustment components also showed that training communication skills have significant differences on each three groups of adjustment components (social, emotional and schooling). Also, the results of the covariance analysis showed that teaching communication skills is significantly effective on the empathy of students.Conclusion: Considering the fact that in teaching communication skills programs, the quality of social and emotional communication with peers and the environment is noted and also the context or opportunity of exploiting these skills in actual and objective environments are provided, so the use of these kinds of programs is necessary in educational environments.