The efficiency of marital and sexual skill training on hypoactive sexual desire and marital satisfaction in women


Introduction: Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD) is a prevalent sexual dysfunction in women. For determining the effects of marital and sexual skill training in HSDD patients, an educational package was developed. The efficiency of the package was assessed for improving sexual disorders and marital satisfaction in HSDD women.Method: The design of this study was a single case with multiple base lines. At first, the package was developed by reviewing the literature. The clinical psychologists assessed the package and later on were revised by their recommendations. Afterwards, 4 women with HSDD participated in 13 intervention sessions. The instruments were: marital satisfaction questionnaire (Enrich) and female sexual function index (FSFI). These patients had a 1 month follow-up period.Results: The assessments after interventions and a 1 month follow-up showed that sexual desire and marital satisfaction had increased in the patients. From the ninth sessions the curve of both sexual desire and marital satisfaction increased.Conclusion: The results of the research showed the educational packages in regards to marital and sexual skills increased the marital satisfaction o fHSDD patients and their sexual desires.