Studying narcissistic traits and inferiority feelings among patients seeking cosmetic surgery



Introduction: As the main motivation for cosmetic surgery is appearance changing and improving happiness and self-confidence, this issue can be viewed as a consequent of psychological patterns. The purpose of this study was to study the relationship between cosmetic surgery seeking and two psychological factors of narcissism and inferiority feelings.Method: This study was a correlative and post facto research. 50 individuals who were seeking cosmetic surgery and were admitted at cosmetic clinics in Tabriz were asked to participate. The subjects were assessed by a inferiority feeling scale and narcissistic personality inventory [NPI-16]. Data were analyzed by using a multivariate analysis of the variance and logistic regression analysis methods.Result: Results showed that the seeking cosmetic surgery group got high scores in inferiority feelings and low scores in narcissistic characteristics. It also became clear that seeking cosmetic surgery was positively related to inferiority feelings and negatively related to narcissistic characteristics.Conclusion: As inferiority feelings play an important role in approaching to cosmetic surgeries, self enhancement and self-acceptance methods are recommended as alternative therapeutic methods in the treatment of cosmetic surgery patients.