The prediction of lifestyle according to personality traits




Introduction: Considering the importance of assessing and identifying constituents of lifestyle, this study aimed to determine the predictive role of personality traits in the development of military forces' lifestyle.Method: This is a descriptive-correlational research in which 135 officers from a military unit in Isfahan were randomly selected and then assessed by NEO-PI-R, Health Promoting Lifestyle Profile (HPLP-II) and Demographic Characteristic Questionnaires.Results: The results of Pearson’s correlation coefficient showed that there was a significant and positive relation between lifestyle and income, extroversion, openness, experience, agreeableness and consciousness. In addition, the results of stepwise regression indicated that three personality traits of agreeableness, neuroticism and extroversion along with income could predict 27.7 percent of military forces' lifestyle.Conclusion: According to the results, personality traits of agreeableness, neuroticism and extroversion beside income amount play considerable roles in the quality of lifestyle of military forces.