Comparing early maladaptive Schemas and Cognitive Emotion Regulation Strategies in patients With Coronary Heart Diseases and healthy controls.



Introduction: This study Comparing early maladaptive schemas, cognitive emotion regulation strategies, patients with Coronary Heart Diseases and healthy controls.Method: For this purpose, 60 subjects (30 patients with coronary Heart disease and 30 healthy subjects) in Qom were referred to The SHahid Beheshti Hospital and Nuclear Medicine sampling were selected. Both questionnaires, maladaptive schemas Young, cognitive emotion regulation and public health Goldberg responded. Methods for data analysis, descriptive statistics, analysis of variance was performed using ANOVA and MANOVA.Results: Component scores of patients in the early maladaptive schemas (emotional deprivation, abandonment / instability, mistrust / abuse, vulnerability to disease, Enmeshment/Undeveloped Self, Self - sacrifice, emotional inhibition, Unrelenting Standards / Recognition-seeking, Insufficient Self – control / Self - discipline) and cognitive emotion regulation strategies (self- blame, acceptance, refocus on planning, positive reappraisal, Putting into perspective) was significantly higher compared to healthy subjects.Conclusion: Due to the influence of coronary disease of early maladaptive schemas and cognitive emotion regulation strategies for improving patient care and training schemes can improve the adaptive cognitive emotion regulation strategies and emotional patterns can be used in these patients.