Effectiveness of problem solving skill training on reducing of behavioral problems among students


Yazd University


Introduction: The present study aimed to investigate the effectiveness of problem solving skill training on reducing behavioral problems among students referred to the Yazd Education Counseling Center.Methods: The method of research was experimental with pre-test, post-test and follow-up tests along with placebo and control group. The subjects of this study were the students who had referred to Imam Hossein Clinic in Yazd at the academic year 2011- 2012. The sample of this study were 85 students selected by available sampling method and substituted randomly to three groups (29 students in experimental group, 28 students in control group and, 28 students in placebo group). In order to survey the subjects, Children Symptom Inventory (CSI) was used. Findings: The results of variance analyses with repeated measures showed that problem solving skill training could reduce behavioral problems among students. According to study's results, problem solving skill training could help the students with behavioral disorders to develop their social skills, and also, it increased their abilities to be effective and to plan. Besides, it helped them to overcome the problem. Therefore, problem solving skill increases appropriate behavior in students.Conclusion: problem solving skill training has an effective role in reducing student's behavioral disorders.