The role of subjective occupational success in prediction of occupational well-being in employees of an industrial company


shahid chamran university of ahvaz


Introduction: The purpose of this research was to determine the role of subjective occupational success in predicting occupational well-being.Method: The sample consisted of 335 employees of an industrial company in Isfahan who were selected by stratified random sampling method. The instruments used in this study were subjective occupational success scale (Grebner, Elfering & Semmer, 2008) and occupational well-being questionnaire (Hinkin, 1998). Regression analysis was used to analyze data as well.Results: Results indicated that subjective occupational success and its dimension had significant connections with occupational well-being. Moreover, the results of multiple regression analysis showd that career success and positive feedback were significant predictors of occupational well-being.Conclusion: According to success resource model of job stress, subjective occupational success which has influences on health together with well-being and individual/organizational job outcomes can both predict an employee’s occupational well-being.