The relationship between approach/avoidance systems and attachment styles


Tarbiat modares


Introduction: The Study of personality structures and the components related to personal differences is of great importance. The present study is devoted to investigate the relationship between approach/avoidance systems and attachment styles.Method: This is a correlational study. The sample population included 315 female postgraduates and PhD students in Tarbiat Modares University, who were selected by way of random stratification. The sample group was evaluated using Carver and White’s Behavioral Inhibition/Activation Scales (BIS/BAS), Collins and Read’s accompanied by Revised Adult Attachment Scale (RAAS). Findings: The results of the present study indicated that there was a relationship between the approach system and secure attachment styles, as well as the avoidance system and insecure attachment styles. Furthermore, the study showed that BAS's subscales could explain secure attachment styles variance around 20 percent and the BIS could predict the variance associated with insecure attachment styles up to 11.5 percent.Conclusion: The research findings suggest that the activity level of approach/avoidance systems can predict the individual’s attachment styles.