An estimation of father’s role in children’s mental health through military families



Introduction: These days, much attention is paid to the role of father in children’s mental health and the consequences, his presence would have in family alongside its quality. The aim of this research is to estimate the quality of father presence in mental health of children.Method: This article is a correlative study in which 200 military families were selected by hand sampling. They filled scl-90 and quality of father presence inventories. The sample included junior students. Data were analyzed using correlation coefficient and regression.Results: The result of study showed that there was significant relationship between the effect of father presence alongside its quality with mental health of children and disorders like somatzation, depression, anxiety, paranoid symptoms and their educational state.Conclusion: These findings emphasized the effect of father presence and specially the quality of his presence on mental health of children. Keywords: Father, Adolescent, Mental Health, Military Family