Spiritual intelligence and commitment to religious beliefs in the military of defence



Introduction: Spiritual intelligence gives an individual a broad perspective regarding her life, religion, and all their experiences. It enables them to reanalyze life experiences and gain a deeper understanding. The present study was an attempt to examine the relationship between spiritual intelligence and commitment to religious beliefs in civil servants.Methods: It was a correlational study, with the research population consisting the staff of Defense Ministry thoughout Iran in 2011. The sample included 10,389 individuals selected using random cluster sampling. Data collection was done using a researcher-made questionnaire to measure participants’ practical commitment to religious beliefs and another questionnaire to examine their spiritual intelligence. Data analysis was done using Pearson correlation coefficient and a multiple regression test.Results: A significant relationship was observed between commitment to religious beliefs and participants’ spiritual intelligence in the subscales of Self-awareness, Spiritual experience, Patience, and Generosity. The relationship between the total score of spiritual intelligence and commitment to religious beliefs was found to be 0.74. The results of the regression analysis showed that 55 percent of the variance in spiritual intelligence could be explained by participants’ commitment to religious beliefs.Conclusion: The direct relationship between the two variables shows that employees with higher spiritual intelligence are more practically committed to religious beliefs.