Thecomponent of D personality and quality of life in Patients of coronary heart disease and normals



    Abstract     Introduction : Cardiovascular diseases are most frequent cause of death and disability around the world. More than 50 percent of factors that influencing on heart disease are psychological factors. However, few studies of psychological factors and especially personality factors , as a risk factor in heart disease were studied . In order to identify some of the psychological impact , This study performed to survay components of D personality and quality of life in Patients of coronary heart disease.   Methods : The current survey is a retrospective study. For this , 99 cases with coronary heart disease are selected from angiography unit of Mostafa Khomeini Hospital in 2011conveniencely . Also 91 cases healthy from the accompanying non-cardiac patients that were matched with disease group for some demographic factors, were selected. The SF36 and DS22 questionnaires were performed. Data analysis was performed by MANOVA test.   Results&Conclusion : The study showed that coronary patients have a higher type D personality. But this difference is only in negative emotions expectedly . In other words, in the patients with CHD, anxiety and depression, anger and irritability are more. On the other hand has a lower quality of life than healthy individuals. Thus , with identify individuals with type D personality, can be identified susceptible coronary heart disease to preventive procedures . Lifestyle changes for this patients can also reduce the severity of the disease and its effects and provide a s table the effects of medical treatments