Investigation of the relationship between family communication patterns and social creativity in students


Shiraz University


Introduction: The aim of the present study was to investigate the relationship between family communication patterns (conversation and conformity) and social creativity in students.Method: The sample of the study included 392 junior high school students from first to third grades (148 males and 244 females), selected using multi-stage‌ cluster sampling. The revised version of Family Communication Patterns Scale and social creativity problem-solving tasks were used for data collection. The validity and reliability of used tools were at a satisfactory level for use in an Iranian context. Data analysis was done using multiple regression analysis.Results: The obtained results showed that family conversation orientation had a positive and significant contribution to the prediction of social creativity. The family conformity orientation was found to be a negative and significant predictor of social creativity.Conclusion: As a result, it can be concluded that high conversation orientation in family can increase social creativity in children whereas emphasis on conformity in family decreases the children’s social creativity.