The evaluation of pain-related psychological similarities among patients with musculoskeletal chronic pain and their spouses



Introduction: The goal of the current study was evaluation of the pain related psychological similarities in patients suffering from musculoskeletal chronic pains and their spouses who had visited the orthopedic clinic in Atieh Hospital.Method: Based on the inclusion/exclusion criteria such as the ability to read and write and the ability to work with both hands, 59 couples visiting the clinic were selected and were asked to answer VAS, Tampa Scale of Kinesio phobia, pain catastrophizing questionnaire and DASS-42. Also they were asked to do the Pictorial Dot-Probe task.Results: The results showed no significant differences in TSK, rumination scale, magnification scale, and VAS scores in patients with chronic pain and their spouses.Conclusion: It seems that musculoskeletal chronic pains affect both patients’ and their spouses' beliefs, cognition, and behaviors. Such influences can interfere with different dimensions of care givers’ life such as their physical, psychological, and social conditions. It is expected that similar psychological characteristics among couples result in continuation of current situation of patients and their spouses. It is possible that couples aggravate each other’s behaviors, which will result in the continuation of such behaviors.