The effect of danger ideation reduction therapy (DIRT) and memory reinforcement techniques on the memory of patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder



   Introduction: This study investigated the effect of Danger Ideation Reduction Therapy (DIRT) and the techniques for memory enhancement in patients with Washing Obsessive-Compulsive disorder (OCD).  Method: It was an experimental study with a pretest-posttest design. Six hundred female bachelor and master students (aging between 22 and 28) were chosen from among the student population at the Universities of Tehran. Obsessive-Compulsory inventory and Veksler memory test were used to collect data. Based on the results of these tests, 12 participants who had a low score in the memory test and had washing compulsion were selected and randomly assigned to treatment and control groups. The treatment group underwent danger ideation reduction therapy and memory enhancement technique instruction for 10 weeks (2 sessions a week, 90 minutes each). Results: The experimental group showed a significant improvement after the treatment on Veksler memory test at post-test as well as the follow-ups.  Conclusion: The findings showed that it is possible to improve functioning of memory in patients with OCD using a combination of suggested DIRT and memory reinforcement techniques.