Function of families with disabled children


Behavioral Sciences Researh Center. Baqiyatallah University of Medical Sciences


Introduction: This study aims to investigate the function of families with disabled children so that the role of the disabled child is recognized in family.Method: This was a descriptive comparative study. Statistical population was the families of Sepah personnel who had disabled children and lived in Tehran. Through convenience sampling, one-hundred families with disabled children were selected as the experimental group and 100 families without disabled children were selected as the control group. Data were collected by Family Function Questionnaire. Data were analyzed by independent t-test (comparison of means).Results: Families with disabled children had weaker functions in all aspects as compared with families without disabled children. These differences were significant in roles, control of behavior and emotional tests. Furthermore, 88% of such children did not have social activities and 47% of them lacked close friends.Conclusion: Families with disabled children need support and reform to have normal function and prevent personal malfunctions as well as family and social problems in other family members.