Improving individual social abilities and general health of adolescents through enhancement of social competence


Payame-Noor University


Introduction: This study investigates the impact of social competence training program on the individual social ability and the general health of female freshman high school students in the city of Tehran.Method: The sample consisted of 30 students from educational district 14 in Tehran who were selected using convenience sampling and randomly assigned to either the experimental or control group. Before administering skills training, Social Competence and General Health Questionnaires were administered to both groups. The experimental group took part in 10 sessions (105 minutes each) of a social competence-training program. After finishing the program, social competence and general health questionnaires were administered to both groups again. Data were analyzed using a covariance statistical measure.Results: Results indicated that the social competence-training program was effective in increasing individual social abilities (cognitive, motivational, behavioral and emotional), as was as general health of participants. Furthermore, it decreased somatic symptoms, anxiety, insomnia, social dysfunction, and depression.Conclusion: Based on the results, it is recommended that social competence training programs should be made available to students.