Changing student attributions and improvement of their learning motivation through feedback


Alzahra university


Introduction: The purpose of the present study is to improve the quality of education through the illustration of methods for changing student attributions and improvement in their motivational levels for learning.Method: An instructional program and feedback were used with two groups (29 in the case group and 28 in the control group) of high school students in a semi-experimental framework. The case group received feedback. The two groups were evaluated using a pretest and posttest model and then followed up. The Peterson Attributional Style Questionnaire (ASQ) was used to measure both positive and negative events. Finally, data were analyzed using analysis of covariance (ANCOVA).Results: In the case group, the learning motivation of students through feedback improved and their negative attributions changed significantly. Moreover, improvement in learning motivation lasted for about 2 months following the feedback program.Conclusion: Results suggest that the learning motivation of students receiving feedback is significantly improved, as well as sustained, and attributions change positively.