Treatment of generalized anxiety disorder in a 10-year-old (Case report)


Zafar Center


Introduction: Anxiety disorder is one of the most prevalent mental health issues facing children. However, Ravenette’s treatment makes it possible to safely enter a child’s inner world through identifying difficulties and beliefs using pictures. Furthermore, without a child’s conscious awareness, this treatment model can clarify various hidden aspects which help in treatment.Method: Ravenette has played a crucial role in children’s treatment as a result of the constructive theory; he is a pioneer in utilizing painting for treatment of children. Constructive theory posits that there is no difference between assessment and treatment as searching an individual’s mental structures has inherent treatment value and provides ample clarification. Children were assessed using the Achenbach Children’s Checklist and CAT scans.Results: The anxiety levels of participants were significantly reduced following treatment.Conclusion: Ravenette’s treatment significantly decreases anxiety symptoms in children. Results of the present study suggest that assessing and treating common childhood mental health issues, such as depression, obsession and anxiety disorders, is possible using Ravenette’s treatment model.