Effect of intervention in identity processing on improving identity problems and mental health of university students


Yazd University


Introduction: This research was designed and implemented to investigate the effectiveness of a medium term program to intervention in identity processing and decreasing identity difficulties.Method: Of 500 freshmen, 75 students had identity problems and 24 who agreed to participate were selected and randomly divided into two groups of 12 (case and control). Intervention programs were executed in 8 months and 10 sessions. Berzonsky Identity Styels Inventory and Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory III were administered before and after intervention to measure identity styles and mental problems.Results: The results suggested that intervention was effective in improving students’ commitment, reducing borderline personality disorder, and reducing antisocial personality disorder, but it did not significantly change other disorders.Conclusion: The proposed program can be used in similar conditions to prevent or reduce psychological problems, especially in personality disorders related to identity loss.