Comparison of meta cognition components and cognitive failures by personality dimensions


Tarbiat Modares university


Introduction: The purpose of this study is to compare meta cognition components and cognitive failures based on extraversion and neuroticism personality dimensions.Method: The sample included 395 female students of Tarbiat Modares University completed Revised Eysenck Personality Questionnaire, then according to extreme scores in extraversion and neuroticism dimensions, 4 groups including extravert, introvert, neurotic, and emotionally stable (30 subjects in each group) were selected. The data were collected by meta cognition Questionnaire and Cognitive Failures Questionnaire and were analyzed using variance analysis.Results: The results indicated that neurotics had a higher score than extraverts in total score of meta cognition. Also, extraverts, neurotics, and introverts had higher scores than emotionally stable group. In cognitive failures, neurotics had the highest score among all groups.Conclusion: Individuals with different personality dimensions differ in meta cognition components and cognitive failures.