Comparison of narcissism dimensions in aggressive and non-aggressive girls


Alzahra university


Introduction: Decades of research among aggressive adolescents has revealed that a single factor does not determine people’s Aggressive behavior in person. One of the factors closely related to aggression is the personality characteristics of narcissism. Such characteristics are related to different forms of aggression. The main purpose of this research was the comparison of narcissism and its dimensions (adaptive and maladaptive) in aggressive and non-aggressive adolescent girls.Method: The sample included 531 female students (257 aggressive and 274 non-aggressive). They were selected through cluster random sampling method. The instruments used in this study were Ahvaz Aggression Inventory and Narcissistic Personality Inventory. The means of variables in both groups were compared by independent T-test.Results: T-test results showed that non-aggressive adolescent girls had a significant difference in maladaptive narcissism compared with aggressive girls, but there was no significant difference between two groups in adaptive narcissism.Conclusion: We can use narcissism, especially maladaptive narcissism, to predict aggressive behaviors of female students.