Factor structure and psychometric properties of difficulties in emotional regulation scale


1 Shiraz University

2 Shiraz Universit


Introduction: This research aims to investigate the factor structure and Psychometric Properties of Difficulties in Emotion Regulation Scale (DERS) in an Iranian sample.Method: The statistical population of this study comprised all the students of Shiraz University. Among them, a total of 363 people (181 male, 182 female) were selected using stratified random sampling. To achieve the study objective and assess convergent validity, the Persian version of DERS and Beck Depression Inventory were used, respectively.Results: The results obtained from explratory factor analyses showed that from among eight extracted factors of the scale, six were associated with DERS and two other factors were omitted as a result of loading of just one item. In addition, internal correlations and correlations of all subscales of DERS with BDI were significant. Finally, internal consistency of this scale using Cronbach’s alpha for all subscales ranged from r=0.86 to r=0/88. Furthermore, the one-week test-retest coefficient also ranged from r=0.79 to r=0.91.Conclusion: Based on the results obtained from the research, DERS can be applied to attain research and clinical objectives in Iranian society.