Maternal and paternal involvement, autonomy support and warmth: predictors of adolescence self-esteem


Ministry of Education, Faruj


Introduction: The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between perceived maternal and paternal parenting styles (involvement, autonomy support, and warmth) and the dimensions of self-esteem in high school students.Method: In this study, 352 (205 boys and 147 girls) junior high school students were selected via cluster sampling. They completed two scales: Coopersmith Self-Esteem Scale and the Perception of Parents Scale.Results: Multiple regression analyses indicated that maternal and paternal parenting styles predicted individual, academic, family, and general self-esteem. There were no significant differences between boys and girls for the dimensions of self-esteem and general self-esteem. The effects of maternal and paternal parenting styles were different on the self-esteem of boys and girls.Conclusion: In summary, the results of this study indicated that, when parents support children’s autonomy and are involved and warm, children are more likely to display higher levels in the dimensions of self-esteem.