The relationship between attachment styles and personal love attitudes and marital values



Introduction: This study scrutinized the relationship between attachment styles and love attitudes with the marital values.Method: The sample included 313 single undergraduate students of large universities in Tehran who were chosen by nonrandom sampling at hand. Experimental data were collected using the Adult Attachment Styles Questionnaire, the Love Attitude Scale, and the Adult Marital Values Questionnaire.Results: The statistical analysis indicated that it is possible to predict marital values using attachment style and the kind of love. A negative relationship was found between the Agape love style and hierarchy marital values, and between Agape love style and cognitive autonomy marital values. Storge and Mania love styles had a positive meaningful relationship with Egalitarianism marital values, and the Mania love style, and secure attachment style were positively related to affective autonomy marital values. A negative relationship was observed between Agape love and cognitive autonomy values. In addition, a positive relationship was observed between the Pragma and Agape loving styles and secure attachment with embeddedness. The mania and Pragma love styles were positively related to the general attitude toward marriage.Conclusion: The results show the importance of analyzing attachment style and love attitudes in couples before marriage and how these variables work on marital values.