Standardization of the second edition of Conflict Tactics Scale (CTS-2) among women and men



Introduction: The purpose of this study was to standardize the Conflict Tactics Scale among married women and men in Isfahan.Method: The research was a survey in which 250 married persons were selected regarding gender and socioeconomic status through stratified sampling, and 45 abused married women and men were randomly selected. The instrument was CTS-2 which evaluates domestic abuse with the abuser and the abused dimensions including physical abuse, physical injury, affection abuse, sexual abuse, and negotiation subscales. Financial abuse subscale was also added. For data analysis, Cronbach’s Alpha, Test-retest, discriminate analysis, and correlation with total score were used.Results: The data analysis according to Cronbach's alpha, and test-retest, as well as discriminate validity coefficient showed that both reliability and validity were suitable for CTS-2. Moreover, high sensitivity and specificity in cut-off points of 40 and 59 for abuser and abused revealed that CTS-2 had a high discrimination.Conclusions: This study revealed that Conflict Tactics Scale with five subscales and an additional financial subscale has suitable psychometric characteristics for assessing spouse abuse in the Iranian samples.