Group Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) Protocol on Suicidal Depressed Patients: A Qualitative Assessment



Introduction: The present study was designed in order to assess the accuracy and reliability of prepared protocol. The aim was qualitative study with group administration on these patients.Method: Five patients with depressive disorder and recent suicidal thoughts participated in 10 sessions of group therapy based on the present treatment manual. The instruments consisted of consent form, a researcher-made structured qualitative assessment form and also searcher-made unstructured global feedback assessment of therapeutic sessions.Results: The findings of quality analysis indicated the efficacy of this approach on reduction of depression, negative automatic thoughts, increase of life interest, tendency to remain alive, coping with life problems, and also improvement in family educational and occupational functioning in depressed suicidal patients. Furthermore, its group administration benefit was also proved. In addition, it seems this treatment results in accepting depression and receiving treatment services for this disorder by destigmatizing. Moreover, considering treatment components of present protocol meditations psycho educations and compliance with medication were described the most efficient.Conclusion: Considering research findings, it seems group administration of the treatment manual prepared by present researchers on suicidal depressed patients is effective.