Studying the factor structure, reliability, and validity of the marriage expectation scale (MES)



Introduction: The aim of this research was to investigate the factor structure, convergent validity, and reliability of the Marriage Expectation Scale (MES).Method: The statistic population of this research was the single B.A. college students at Isfahan University. The sample was 137 students (including 51 males, 86 females) who were selected from available population by stratified sampling. Marriage Expectation Scale (MES) and marital attitude Scale (MAS) were the instruments of this research.Results: Data were analyzed by using descriptive statistic, factor analysis, correlation, and multivariate analysis of variance. Internal consistency of this scale by using Cronbach’s Alpha was 0.88 and the 3-week test-retest coefficient was 0.91. In addition the correlation of this scale with the Marital Attitude Scale was 0.43(p