Influences of family on the use of internet



Introduction: Nowadays, using the Internet in various areas is increasing and the outcomes of using this communicative tool have drawn the attention of researchers in psychology and sociology fields. In this respect, the object of this research is to study the relation of family factors in the amount and ways of the Internet usage.Method: In this descriptive-correlation research, 4155 high school students were chosen country-wide in a multi-stage cluster sampling. Data collecting was done via a questionnaire which includes demography, family status and the amount and ways of Internet usage.Results: The amount of using the Internet for befriending, downloading pictures and films, chatting, music, games and sexual clips in order of appearance are: 37/8, 40, 31, 42, 31 and 31 percent. Also the rate of family members’ acquaintance with the Internet, the relationship between the family members and the family’s monitoring in respect of the amount of chatting, the amount of befriending websites’ usage, secretive chat, downloading music, using the Internet secretly, seeing pictures secretly and Internet befriending is statistically significant.Conclusion: Due to the possibility of causing trauma for teenagers because of abusing the Internet and the relation between Internet usage with family factors and variables, it is required to pay attention to immunizing family especially in a monitoring aspect.