The quality of friendship, friendship reciprocity and resilience



Introduction: Resilience is a human ability to adapt in face of hardship and tragedy events. Individuals have different levels of resilience, which can be increased or decreased by different factors. Friendship can be considered as one of these factors. The aim of the present study is to determine the relation of friendship quality and friendship reciprocity with resilience.Method: The sample included 250 students (120 boys and 130 girls) of third-year students in high school selected by random cluster sampling from four areas of the city of Shiraz. They were assessed by three questionnaires: friendship quality, friendship reciprocity (Hejazi and Zahrevan, 1380) and resilience (Conner-Davidson, 2003).Results: The results showed a positive and significant relation between friendship quality, friendship reciprocity and resilience. Based on the results of stepwise regression analysis , self-disclosure, loyalty and confidence, proximity and friendship reciprocity are able to predict resilience changes .In relation with components of friendship quality, intimacy & self-disclosure and friendship reciprocity, girls have significant superiority to boys. Also the results showed girls are more resilient than boys.Conclusion: Friendship quality and friendship reciprocity can predict resilience. Therefore, encouraging adolescents to make reciprocal friendships can lead them to be more resilient. Also components of friendship quality, friendship reciprocity and resilience are different between two genders.