Personal and organizational factors related to job burnout in naval personnel



  Introduction: Job burnout is defined as decrease in an individual’s compatibility against stress factors along with presence of physical and emotional burnout symptoms. Naval staffs who work in border regions are exposed to higher levels of stress, which may result in more job burnout. This study was performed in order to evaluate job burnout level in naval staffs who worked in border regions of Iran.   Method: This correlation descriptive-analytical study was performed on naval staffs who worked in border regions of Iran in 2008. 303 of naval staffs were selected by cluster random sampling and were evaluated by researcher made questionnaires and Geldard Burnout Inventory. Data was analyzed using descriptive statistical indices including frequency, mean and standard deviation and also inferential statistical methods including Chi square test, Pearson correlation and simultaneous multiple regression analysis by SPSS 15 software.   Results: Age, work experience and management style had significant effect on reduction of job burnout (p