Relationship between women sexual function and marital adjustment



Introduction: A sexual relationship which is able to satisfy both sides has an important and fundamental role in success and constancy of family foundation. Recognizing sexual function and its components can lead to sexual satisfaction and ultimately to marital satisfaction that has an important effect on couples’ adjustment. The aim of present research was to identify the relationship between women’s sexual function and their marital adjustment and their husbands’ marital adjustment.Method: This correlation research was performed in 2009 on 60 couples who were selected by random sampling among residents of Tarbiat-Modarres University married dormitory. Data was gathered by Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI) and Marital Adjustment Questionnaire which are highly valid and reliable. Data was analyzed using Pearson correlation coefficient and multivariate regression by SPSS 14 software.Results: There was a significant positive correlation between women’s sexual function and its components and their marital adjustment and also their husbands’ marital adjustment. Also women’s sexual function components explained for 25% of their marital adjustment variance and 34% of their husbands’ marital adjustment variance.Conclusion: Sexual function has role in predicting marital adjustment. Paying attention to women’s sexual function and providing proper information and necessary trainings in this field and enhancing the rate of women sexual function, can help to their marriage continuity and marital adjustment.