Prediction of marital satisfaction based on personality factors: Comparison of artificial neural network and regression Method



  Introduction: It is essential to suggest a model which will be able to guide researchers to best predictions in future studies by precise evaluation of new, highly capable predicor models along with comparing them to current statistical methods and finding their strong and weak points. The purpose of this study was comparison of Artificial Neural Networks and Regression methods in prediction of marital satisfaction on the based on personality characteristics.   Method: This correlation study was performed on 300 spouses residing in 3 university dormitories of Tehran, who were selected by random multi-stage sampling method in year 2008. Data was collected by NEO-Five Factor Inventory and ENRICH Inventory questionnaires and was analyzed using Multi Layer Perseptron Artificial Neural Network, multiple regression analyses, correlation analyses and independent t-test by MATLAB 6.5 and SPSS 16 softwares.   Results : Artificial Neural Network was more successful than regression methods in prediction of marital satisfaction based on personality characteristics (p