Comparison the family function of normal and ADHD mothers



  Introduction: ADHD is chronic and traumatic disorder, which continues from childhood to adulthood. This research was conducted in order to compare the family functions of mothers with normal and ADHD children and investigating the effectiveness of problem solving skill instruction on the family function of mothers with ADHD children.   Method: This research is a quasi-experimental study with a control group. 8 ADHD mothers and 12 normal mothers were selected using available sampling as the statistical sample, and were divided into two groups after homogenization in terms of their age and gender. Before and after the Badell & Lannox problem solving skill training, the subjects completed the family assessment device (FAD) questionnaire. Data were analyzed using SPSS.15 software and for analysis of hypothesis, independent T-test independent was used.   Results: Family functions of mothers of normal children were disturbed comparing to those of ADHD mothers (p