Relation between head masters’ general health and emotional intelligence and job satisfaction of teachers



  Introduction: The present study was performed to analyze the general health and emotional intelligence of female and male head masters of Tehran city guidance schools and its relation with teacher's job satisfaction of those schools.   Method: 61 male and 52 female head masters of 19 regions of Tehran city’s guidance schools and 339 teachers of the same schools were randomly selected and completed emotional intelligence and general health questionnaire as well as job satisfaction questionnaire, respectively. Pearson correlation coefficient, independent t-test, regression analysis and two-factor variance analysis were used to analyze data.   Results: There was a significant relationship between emotional intelligence, general health and head masters' age. Female head masters had more emotional intelligence than males. At schools in which head masters had more emotional intelligence, teachers had more job satisfaction. Head masters’ emotional intelligence and gender had interaction effect on general health. Conclusion: There is a positive relationship between general health and emotional intelligence and head masters that had high emotional intelligence, have both general health and successful interaction with teachers.