Validation of Endler & Parker coping scale of stressful situations



  Introduction: The present study was carried out aiming at finding the validity and reliability of Endler & Parker coping inventory.   Method: The research sample consisted of 410 students of different high schools of Tabriz, studying in first grade, that were selected by multistage cluster sampling. They were evaluated by administering CISS, and Billings and Moos coping Inventories. To obtain the structural validity, the confirmatory factor analysis and Principal component analysis (PCA) were used. Also, Test-retest, half splitting, and Cronbach’s alpha coefficient were used to investigate reliability.   Results: The obtained components explained the 58% of total variance. Conclusion: The number of extracted final factors gives the main agreed factors of Endler & Parker which corresponds with the factor analysis results of present study and reveals that this scale has appropriate validity. Also, there are correlation and correspondence between scale factors. Instrument and its subscales have acceptable validity and reliability .