Interaction between personality and metamotivational styles in job performance



  Introduction: Since human resources are one of the most important wealth in any organization, studying and identifying the related factors to these resources that influence organizational performance, is from most important worries. On this basis, the purpose of this study was to examine the interaction between personality and metamotivational styles of one of the government center’s personnel on their job performance.   Method: In this study, 327 male personnel selected by available sampling method. Data was collected via five-factor personality inventory, Apter metamotivational style profile and 360 degree feedback. Data was analyzed by Pearson correlation coefficient and path analysis.   Results: Metamotivational styles based on personality and personality based on metamotivational styles had a mediating role in prediction of job performance. Conclusion: The results of this study were supported by few studies that have done in this field. Personality characteristics can be used as a factor for employment of human forces and use of motivational programs appreciated to personnel’s styles as a factor for improvement of job performance in organization.