Efficacy of group logotherapy on cancer patients' life expectation



  Introduction: This research studied the efficacy of group logotherapy on life expectation in patients suffering from cancer at Shafa hospital in Ahvaz.   Method: This is a semi-experimental with control group study. Samples included 40 patients bellow 45 years that were under treatment in June 2007 at Shafa hospital of Ahvaz. Samopling method was head counting. At first, all the patients passed the Miller life expectation test. Then, 40 patients with the least scores were selected as sample group and were divided randomly to two 20 member experimental and control groups. The experimental group received group logotherapy in 10 sessions each lasted 45 minutes (one session each week). After that, Miller inventory life expectation was administrated again as the post-test to all samples. Data was analyzed using analysis of variance. The significance level was p