Relationship between suicidal ideation and personality in substance abusers



  Introduction: The main purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between suicidal ideations and personality traits in substance abusers.   Method: 80 substance abusers were selected by random cluster sampling and were assessed with revised version of Neo-Five Factor Inventory (NEO-FFI-R) suicidal ideations questionnaire. Data analysis ran by product-moment Pearson correlation matrix and linear regression.   Results: There was a positive meaningful relationship between neuroticism with guilt feeling and self-destruction and a negative meaningful relationship between conscientiousness with guilt feeling, self-destruction, isolation and depression. Extraversion had a negative relationship with isolation, inertia, hopelessness and inferiority openness had a negative relationship with hopelessness and inferiority, too. Furthermore, there was a negative significance relationship between extraversion and conscientiousness with total score of suicidal ideations. Conclusion: According to risk of suicide ideation and high rate of the suicide attempt in addicts, especially after relapse identification of risk factors and pre-determinants index to investigating suicide ideation in addicts cause to reduce the risk of suicide attempt in them.