Effect of coping-therapy on stress reduction of females with coronary artery disease



  Introduction: The aim of present study was to evaluate the effect of coping-therapy on decreasing the stress of female coronary artery patients.   Method: The sample society was all patients referred to Farmanyeh heart clinic of Tehran during 2008-09. 100 females between 35 and 55 years old filled McCabin family stress and changes questionnaire. 40 females with the highest scores were chosen as samples. Participants divided to two test and control groups, randomly. Experimental group received 10 sessions of coping-therapy in individual form. Data analyzed by mixed ANOVA.   Results: Total scores of stress and Interfamily conflicts and problems as a source of stress decreased in experimental group, significantly. ANCOVA showed same results. Conclusion: Coping-therapy may reduce stress among coronary diseases female patients and can predict decrease of the diseases by stress in long term periods, according to theoretical model.