Relationship between learning strategies and attribution styles in students



  Introduction: This research was to study the relationship between learning strategies (cognition and metacognition) and attribution styles (internal and external).   Method: In this correlation study, Karami learning strategies test and Seligman attribution style questionnaire performed on 384 high school students in Shirvan. SPSS 11.5 software, t-test, one-way ANOVA and qui-square used to analyze hypothesis. Variables related to the dimensions of attribution studied in two internal and external situations.   Results: Girls used cognition and metacognition learning strategies more than boys. Moreover, students with internal attribution style use metacognition learning strategies significantly more in comparison with the students with external attribution style.   Conclusion: Girls use learning strategies more than boys. It is probable that internal attributions and metacognition strategies increase the educational and self-efficacy achievement, deep learning and self-esteem of students.