Relationship of suicide with personality characteristics and life events



  Introduction: Current study conducted to identify personality characteristics and negative events as prediction factors of suicide attempting.   Method: This descriptive-correlating study performed on totally 148 people included 74 male and female suicide attempters and 74 male and female non-attempters that matched with attempters. Used Instruments for collecting data were Millon Multi-axial personality inventory-II (MCMI-II) and researcher-made negative life events checklist.   Results: Maladjustment personality patterns such as borderline, antisocial, narcistic, passive-aggressive, anxiety and depressive disorders were more prevalent among suicide attempters than non-attempters. Also, suicide attempters experienced negative events more than non-attempters.   Conclusion: Among psychological disorders, anxious, narcistic and antisocial and among negative life events, sever conflict with family and blame experience have the highest power to predict suicide attempt.