Psychometric characteristics of "Personal Growth Initiative" scale in university students



  Introduction: The goal of this study was to investigate reliability, validity (construct and convergent) and gender differences of PGIS in Iranian university students.   Method: 205 students of Tehran University (88 boys and 117 girls) participated in this study. All students asked to complete PGIS, positive affect, negative affect, life satisfaction and psychological and social well-being. Exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis, independent samples t and correlation analysis with Bonferroni correction performed to analyze data.   Results: Internal consistency of the scale was 0.87 showing that this scale had acceptable internal consistency. Results of exploratory factor analysis showed that this scale has a one-dimensional factor structure in the used sample. Results of confirmatory factor analysis confirmed this finding. Correlations between this scale and convergent validity scales were significant and in the expected direction.   Conclusion: PGIS has a one-factor structure and good reliability and validity with Iranian university students.